ABM Strand introduce to the student of SHS the principles of business in global perspective.  It prepares the student for a business course in college by teaching and providing a hands-on training in the field of Accountancy, Economics, Finance, Business and Management.


Humanities & Social Sciences



In HUMSS, the SHS will be taught to the fundamentals of Social Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, Politics, Arts and Sciences.  This strand demonstrates the combination of theoretical framework and practical applications.  This Strand exposes the students to the current events enable to raise their sensitivity and awareness and let them provide their perceptions, opinions and solutions through critical and philosophical thinking.    


Technical Vocational Livelihood

This Strand demonstrates where the areas of Science, Health, Technology and Business mixed into one through cooking. TechVoc Strand has also a modern and well equipped kitchen which will serve as the classroom of the students.


Science Technology Engineering and mathematics



This Strand prepares the SHS student for a science and technology related course in college by strengthening the concepts in Math, Engineering and Science.  The Institution has the most up to date laboratories and equipment which are approved and acclaimed by the Department of Health and Department of Science and Technology.


General Academic Strand

Under GAS, the SHS student will be given an opportunity to combine the subjects in different areas of discipline.  It allows the student to choose an elective or electives from the different strands that GTI offers.